Pulse Like A Pro!

We know there are a lot of mixed messages in the world today and we want to help build you up to become strong mentally, physically, and spiritually! So, you ready to Pulse Like A Pro? 

Tip #1 – Listen to Pulse on the radio! Whether you’re at home or in the car, switch your dial to 101.7FM! 

Tip #2 – Download the free app on your Apple or Android device! We have exclusive giveaways, news, and more. It’s also a great way to take Pulse with you wherever you go!

Tip #3 – Enable Pulse 101.7 on your smart devices! If you have an Alexa or Google Home, enable our free skill so you can listen while you clean your room or have a dance party!

Tip #4 – Request a Pulse Window Sticker! It’s a great way to show other drivers which station you listen to and they look great!

Tip #5 – Pray for your station! We believe that the power of prayer goes a long way. Ask God that our ministry continues to grow and provide hope for those in the community but also across the world. 

Tip #6 – Volunteer with Pulse! We have many opportunities throughout the year where we need more hands to get things done. From mailers, parades, and the Iowa State Fair, we love it when listeners help out! Join the street team today.

Tip #7 – Give a gift to Pulse. Did you know we are a  listener-supported station? Your generosity helps power Pulse and provides hope to THOUSANDS each and every day. Thank you for your support!

Completed all the tips? CONGRATS – You ARE a Pulse Pro! Feel free to share with a friend or family member and challenge them to become a Pulse Pro!