Member Mission Days are coming...

Scientists have recently determined how our fingerprints form. They basically begin at three different points on the fingertip – top, center and bottom – and move out like slow waves, crashing against one another and solidifying in a 100% unique pattern. Isn’t that amazing? 

What’s just as amazing to me is that God doesn’t only give us unique fingerprints, He also gives us unique relationships, jobs, income and influence. If the whole earth belongs to God, and everything in it, that makes  each of us a unique steward of the things entrusted specifically to us. And we have a choice  every moment of every day whether we’re going to steward those things well. 

As we work to be good caretakers of this radio station, God continues to use it to shine line and speak true into many lives every single day:

Member Mission Days are coming March 29 and 30. The need: $29K in one-time gifts  for our 29th birthday, and 29 new monthly supporters! 

Will you pray and join us with your best gift? As you give, we practice stewardship together, making use of our resources to reach unique individuals for the Gospel through the  universal language of music. Please join us today with your support here.


Rachel Leigh 

Station Manager 

Pulse 101.7FM