Who is PULSE?

PULSE is a carefully curated selection of Positive Pop & Hip Hop with a message of Hope.

PULSE aims to uplift and inspire you, your family, and the community around you, no matter your background.

PULSE strives to bring you meaningful experiences and opportunities for personal growth through fun music, engaging DJs and impactful events.

PULSE 101.7 is not just another radio station. PULSE is access to positive music relevant to today’s listener via radio in the Des Moines area and around the world via online streaming and the free app.

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Our History

We came on the air in 1994 as Q 99.5 – and were fund-raising during the flood of 1993 – oh boy! It has been obvious through every step of our existence that Pulse 101.7 is God’s property. Pulse returned to the air after a failed music switch, and with the help of friends old and new, have watched God restore the audience and impact of Pulse.

Through all of our ups and downs we have watched Him use the station in the lives of many hearts and homes – and we are grateful for what is ahead. Our history is reflective of our future – what does the Living God desire from Pulse to accomplish His purposes? This is the key enduring question for the staff, board, and prayer-givers as we look to the future of Pulse 101.7!