The Best Places to Visit This Fall!

Fall: a season loved by so many. Fall boasts mild weather and fun outdoor activities with your favorite someone(s). If you love fall, you love experiencing all of the wonderful activities it brings with it… visits to a local pumpkin patch, sipping hot beverages on cool days, hay rack rides, jumping in big piles of leaves, roasting marshmallows on a bonfire, camping, the smell of mums…

Feeling excited to celebrate fall with a trip to a local patch or orchard?! Here are some favorites I have come across:

First, consider supporting a company that supports your station. Check out North River Adventures! It’s a great destination for fun for all ages… multiple corn mazes so everyone in the family can participate, farm animals to pet – including fainting goats, tractor rides, a cafe with some of your favorite fall treats, and a gigantic jumping pillow (which is not just for the kids 😉 ). An added perk? They are becoming more and more well-known but, in the meantime, we get to enjoy all the fun without the lines and crowds. My family and I are really looking forward to our second-annual visit to the farm!

NR maze NR jumping pillow NR fainting goats NR

Here are a couple of the very well-known patches (but be prepared for lines!):

Center Grove                               Howell's

 Center Grove Orchard                               Howell’s Pumpkin Patch

And here’s a new one that I came across just this year – Wills Family Orchard. There is no admission fee. They even have Apple & Pumpkin Fest weekends through the fall, which includes barbecue for purchase! I cannot wait to head out for a visit to hand-pick organic apples and purchase some organic apple butter, applesauce, and cider from a local farm!


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    The Remix: Your Favorite Song, Just Kicked Up a Notch!

    I love music with a good beat – something I can bop along with in my car, at my office desk or in the kitchen (when I think no one is watching me 😉 ). But, there is something I enjoy just a little more than that… a really good remix to a song I already love! britt

    Over the years, I have come across some really good remix albums. One of my favorites is The Remixes from Britt Nicole. Sure, Britt Nicole already provides us with some great upbeat music… but this is even a step up from that! It includes songs remixed by artists we already know: Capital Kings (Amazing Life) and Soul Glow Activatur (Ready or Not – ft. Lecrae). You can be sure to enjoy more than just one song off of this album!

    pulse-1017-weekend-beat-sliderP.S. – Love remixes? Be sure to tune-in to Pulse 101.7FM this Friday. October 2nd from 6-8pm for “The Weekend Beat”, a new show featuring DJ Symplicity with two hours of jammed packed Pulse songs you love, remixed!

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      World Food & Music Festival

      What fun we had last weekend at the World Food & Music Festival, meeting so many thousands of listeners and sharing Pulse 101.7FM with you! We are so grateful to those who stopped by the booth to see us, and for those who volunteered their time to help us spread the word about Pulse music.

      Maybe you heard that we did a drawing and gave away Beats headphones?!
      Congratulations to our grand prize winner: Jason Kessler of Norwalk!beats headphones

      We also couldn’t help but offer a runner-up Pulse Pack with a cool Pulse t-shirt, FREE music and more (because we just love giving stuff away)!
      Congratulations to Lindsay Crank of Des Moines and Josh Lawrence of Altoona! 

      If you are just hearing about Pulse for the first time or have a friend or family member that you know would benefit from the music, make sure to tell them about the 30 Day Challenge!


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        The Weekend Beat

        pulse1017-weekend-beat-squareJust when you thought Pulse music couldn’t get any cooler…

        Introducing Pulse 101.7FM REMIXED!

        Listen in for The Weekend Beat
        with DJ Simplicity

        Friday nights from 6-8PM
        beginning October 2nd

        on Pulse 101.7FM!

        Listen on the radio… or get the app today!

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          Win Tickets to Fight Night!

          fightnight-headerWhat is Fight Night?
          A fun  date night for couples of any age or stage.  Filled with humor, fresh insight, and practical, new strategies for turning conflict into a means for deeper intimacy. Les and Leslie are authentic master communicators. Couples will laugh while they learn new ways to instantly improve relationships and gain practical tips to strengthen communication. Sign up to win two tickets to the FIGHT NIGHT event this Saturday night at Prairie Ridge Church in Ankeny from 7-9:30PM.

          Click here by 12PM CST on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 to get entered into the drawing! NOTE: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. If you’ve won, you’ll be notified via email tomorrow/Friday, September 18th, 2015.

          To find out more about this event and to purchase additional tickets, visit

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            One sunny afternoon

            I was alone with God the other day and I heard this – and I thought it might encourage you:

            canstockphoto19634082“Dave, I have given you a mission with Pulse 101.7, and blessed you with brothers and sisters who also have My heart on this. I have raised up your board, mission partners, and giving family. I am the One Who is connecting you with listeners of My choosing. I have raised up men and women who direct non-profits and own businesses who have it in their hearts to bless My Name through Pulse – and in so doing bless our city.

            “What you are doing together is not you – but Me working through you. I Am with you. My unfolding plans include Pulse 101.7. Your usefulness to My purposes continues. Be strong and courageous – My heart is for your city.”

            I want to thank you for being part of our team. Together, God is using us to make a difference through Pulse 101.7FM!

            Our Fall Pledge Drive is next Wednesday and Thursday, September 2nd and 3rd. Please consider making your gift now, and pray that God will prompt others to join you in the Pulse Giving Family. Thank you for what you do to make Pulse possible!

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              We’re here for you!

              2013-staff-Dave-225x225At Pulse 101.7, we believe that what you do is important. We want to be there with you to encourage you on your personal journey, and also to reach out to searching hearts in our city.

              You are not alone. The Lord God is there to lift you up, direct you, and meet the deepest needs and longing of your heart. God has awakened you to make a difference, and as you find your voice we are here with you, singing courage, holding hope, and celebrating the beauty reflected in the face of Christ.

              Pulse 101.7 is listener supported, and our Fall Pledge Drive is coming up next week on September 2nd and 3rd. Will you pray now about becoming a part of the Pulse Giving Family? Joining our monthly giving team makes a huge impact as we work to make a difference in our community… together. Thank you.

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