Frugal Friday: Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund!

tax refund imageWell, you have a tax refund on the way…
Are you thinking of all the fun ways to spend it?
Of course it would be fun to immediately head to the local mall for a shopping spree but it’s really probably a better idea to choose one or more of these ways to spend your refund (don’t be mad… you can thank me later)!

  1. Start or increase your emergency fund – make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. A general rule of thumb is $1000.
  2. Get your “debt snowball” rolling – Dave Ramsey will tell you that you will be more successful in paying off debt if you start with your smallest debt and work toward the largest but some argue high interest debt first. Either way pay down your debt!
  3. Build your savings account – our parents and their parents did such a better job than us at saving! It’s important. After you decide how much of your tax refund will go toward this category, make sure you add “saving” into your monthly budget.
  4. Pay down long term debt – even just one extra payment per year toward your mortgage can have a big impact and save a lot of interest!
  5. Invest in the future – stash away some money for retirement whenever you can.

Click here to find the full blog post where I found these great ideas. Hats off to Kayln Brooke of Creative Savings for these fantastic suggestions!

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    Get the new sticker!!!

    IMG_2431Want to put one of these cool new window stickers on your car? Swing by one of our STICKER STOPS this week! We’ll apply it for you and give you some free stuff to thank you for promoting Pulse music in our community!

    Tuesday, April 21st, 3-5PM at The Webb Allstate Agency
    Just south of I-235 on 50th Street in West Des Moines. We’ll have a fun treat for the kiddos and you can sign up for a great prize while you’re there!

    Wednesday, April 22nd, 6:30-9:30AM at Chick-Fil-A
    Mills Civic location. Put a window sticker on your car and receive a free 3pc chicken mini breakfast!

    Thursday, April 23rd, 3-5PM at Orange Leaf
    Mills Civic location. Put a window sticker on your car and receive one FREE cup of frozen yogurt!

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      Let’s play a game!

      Pulse is moving up the dial, and we’ve done everything we can to prepare. Now we must rely on perfect weather conditions to make the switch successfully and ensure safety for our tower crew.

      The actual date is anyone’s guess! If you can correctly guess the day and time frame we go live on the new Pulse 101.7FM, you’ll be the first to receive new Pulse logo gear! New Pulse apparel, window stickers… and, of course, great Pulse music.

      NOTE: Registration is now closed, and our switch is in progress! We’ll notify winners as soon as we are UP at our new location at 101.7FM!

      Limit one entry per person. Everyone who correctly predicts the switch date/time will receive a prize pack! Click here for full contest rules.

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        April Showers

        April showers may bring May flowers, but they can also cause delays! We’ve completed all our preparations for our move up the dial to the new Pulse 101.7FM. But our tower crew can’t climb and install the new equipment until we have a clear forecast!

        We certainly don’t want them slipping in the rain or risking lightning strikes. Pray with us for a couple of sunny days in a row – as soon as the weather looks ‘favorable,’ we’ll be making the switch!

        In the meantime, thanks for allowing us to provide the soundtrack to your day at Pulse 99.5FM. We’re glad to spend time with you… at any location!

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          It’s the final countdown!

          Email HeaderWe’ve been talking about it for a while now, and our move up the dial is just 10 days away! Come April 7th, 2015, Pulse 99.5FM will relocate to Pulse 101.7FM. We’re one of three stations shifting locations to better serve the Des Moines and central Iowa community. We wanted to take a moment to ask for your help on a couple of things as we make this exciting transition:

          • Please pray that the weather is ideal for the tower crew to complete the switch next Tuesday.
          • Join us in asking God to help us reach more ears in our community with a message of truth and hope. Pulse continues to be committed to reaching children, young adults and young families.
          • Take a moment to help us get the word out about our new location, and about the availability of cool Pulse music in central Iowa! Forward this email. Or, repost our videos, etc. on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find us now at @Pulse1017.

          Thanks for listening, and thanks for praying and getting involved with the Pulse mission. We can’t do it without you!

          Rachel Leigh
          Program Director
          Pulse 99.5FM – Pulse 101.7FM

          P.S. – If you’re wondering why our launch date is a bit later than the original target of March 31st, we had some scheduling issues with our tower crew. It’s kind of like building a home – lots of people doing lots of things to make it all come together! We’re hoping and praying for clear skies and safety for our tower equipment installers on April 7th!


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            Pulse 99.5FM is MOVING!

            We’re moving UP THE DIAL!

            Four years ago, we began a campaign to upgrade Pulse 99.5FM.

            • We kicked off a new CityStop program, which is now reaching over 25,000 people per year.
            • We upgraded our studio, improving our production capabilities and on-air sound.
            • Pulse now has a new website, giving you more access to Pulse music and artists.
            • We recently launched our new mobile app, allowing you to take us with you and interact with us wherever you go.

            The upgrade is working! Our listenership has grown considerably over the past four years, and it will continue to grow. 

            In addition to these upgrades, we announced four years ago that the FCC was considering a request to move Pulse and two other stations to different frequencies to better serve our listeners.  We have now heard that we will be switching from 99.5FM to 101.7FM very soon!

            Pulse-ColorSticker-CS2This switch will happen in early April 2015. Find out how you can help us get the word out here!

            Thanks for your continued prayer and support. The only thing that’s changing is our frequency… we’re excited to continue serving Des Moines and central Iowa with music that inspires and raises your PULSE!

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              101.7 – Share the news!

              pulse1017_change_instagram_612x612If you’re one of those lovely listeners who is excited and willing to help us get the word out about our frequency switch to Pulse 101.7 this April, we’ve put together a handful of materials you’ll find to be helpful! Click here for a dropbox link to images you can share on social media and in email blasts. You’ll also find an announcement video you can share on social media or with a church or community group. And there are printable flyers you can use as bulletin inserts or event hand-outs.

              If you have any other ideas on how you’d like to help us spread the word, please send an email to Thanks for listening, and thanks for supporting Today’s Positive Music for Des Moines and central Iowa!

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