Manafest’s book, “Fighter”, is out now!

fighter book cover_3With “Fighter: Five Keys to Conquering Fear and Reaching Your Dreams”, Manafest hopes to give back.

Three months after leaving his job to pursue his dream of becoming an artist, he went flat-broke and wasn’t sure he had made the right choice. Now, 7 years later, he has sold over 200 thousand records, toured in many countries and has been nominated for several awards.

“A fighter isn’t someone who has never failed, a fighter is someone who never quits,” says Manafest.

Find out more information on the book “Fighter” here.


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    Frugal Friday: The NO Eating Out for 2 Months Challenge!

    not eating outWe know that eating out is not as healthy and also very expensive but with so many choices and such convenience, it can be very easy to give in to temptation!

    When you give yourself a mental challenge of just eating out once per month, for example, it is so easy to break! Committing to an absolute goal makes it easier. Here are some great tips to help you meet this challenge with the fewest amount of hunger-induced, grumpy episodes!

    • Plan the time of your trip according to nap and meal schedules. Be realistic about what can and can’t be done in the amount of time available to you between those times.
    • Eat before you go. If you aren’t hungry, it’s much easier to not be tempted by the delicious smells of food (like popcorn at Target- that one gets us every time)!
    • Bring a snack/lunch from home. If you want to be out for a while, plan ahead. Bring easy-to-grab foods like fruit, bags of dried cereal or granola bars.
    • Leave on time. Mornings can slip away and creep into snack or lunch time so pack your bags ahead of time. Pack a lunch for work and make sure you bring enough.
    • Remind yourself how the food is not as good for you and how you often feel after eating it.
    • Hold yourself accountable to one another. It’s a two way streak of encouragement, and a great way to strengthen your relationship!
    • Say no to social engagements. You don’t have to estrange yourself but instead invite friends over to your home or out for a picnic instead. Or, tell them you will catch up with them after dinner. Or, get together for something other than eating.
    • Remind yourself how expensive it is to eat out.
    • Leave your credit/debit cards and cash at home! You can’t eat out if you don’t have money. My hubs is the spender in the relationship so I often encourage this for him. ;)

    Are you up for the challenge?!

    Thanks to What’s Up Fagans for these great tips! See the full post here.


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      FREE Show with OBB!

      OBBJoin us for a free concert with Pulse artist OBB – and stay after the show to meet the band and snap a selfie with the guys!

      Thursday, June 18th at 7PM
      The Pulse Studios at Fox Creek
      33365 335th Street, Waukee
      Questions? Email

      RSVP to our Facebook event and invite your friends!

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        Win a Young & Free surprise pack for a friend!

        this_is_living_ep_coverYou’ve got a chance to win a free download of the Young & Free “This Is Living” EP. And when you win, you also get to send a Young & Free surprise pack to a friend! They’ll get the same free download, PLUS an iPod Shuffle, Bluetooth Speaker and other fun party supplies!

        To enter, simply complete the new Music Advisory Team survey before 11:59PM on May 31, 2015. Click here to log in or set up your profile!

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          Frugal Friday: Ways to Save by Using Your Local Library!

          libraryWhile the library is a great place to check out books, of course, most libraries also offer many other money-saving programs and resources. Here are a few more ways to save at the library:

          1. DVDs & CD’s
          Many libraries offer free DVD rentals! Music CD’s are also available to check out from the library. So much money can be saved by checking out DVDs from the library over the years instead of renting or buying them!

          2. Kid’s Toys
          Kid’s play areas at the library often have puzzles or other toys that children can play with and are a great place to take your children on cold winter days. It doesn’t cost any money (and mom can bring some books home, too!).

          3. Audiobooks
          Check your library to see what their audiobook collection is like. Many have a pretty extensive collection — and some even offer audiobooks you can download for a time period.

          4. Ebooks
          Many people don’t realize that most public libraries have eBooks available for checkout through their websites. All you have to do is log into your local library’s site using your library card, then follow the links for eBooks (often, there are also digital audio books available).

          5. Local Attraction Memberships
          Some libraries offer memberships to local attractions (zoos, museums, etc.) that you can “check out”. If your library offers this, it’s a great way to visit local attractions and have some family fun — without spending a dime!

          6. Online Foreign Language Programs
          Many public libraries across the country have a free program for learning a foreign language. It’s called Mango Languages. If you check their website, you can find out if your local library participates. You can find out if your library participates here.

          7.  Summer Reading Programs
          Summer reading programs provide huge motivation for children to get in a lot of reading during the summer, and the rewards are amazing— things like free Kid’s meals, free miniature golf, a free smoothie at McDonald’s, free baseball game tickets, free ice skating passes, and more.

          8. Online Classes
          Check to see if your library offers free online classes through Universal Class.  There are hundreds of classes to choose from out of there 42 areas of study.  Some of those areas include: office skills, performing arts, parenting, homeschooling, do it yourself, gardening, cooking, computers, accounting and web development.

          9. Kindles
          Some libraries loan out Kindles!  They come pre-loaded with 15-20 titles.  Libraries often use different themes including: New York Times Fiction & Non-Fiction Bestsellers, Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Classics, Popular Fiction, Biography and more!  This is a great way to test out a Kindle before you buy one.


          Note: If you have a relatively small library that doesn’t have a great selection, check and see if they offer Inter-Library loan. Most libraries do, and this offers a much, much broader selection. You have to request the book and then wait for it to come in, but it’s free–which usually makes it worth a bit of a wait!

          You can also suggest books for your library to purchase. They might not heed your suggestion, but it’s always worth a shot.


          Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the great tips! Find the original post here.

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            Frugal Friday: Ways to Save When Traveling with Kids!


            Planning a family vacation this spring/summer? Here are a handful of my favorite ideas on ways to save when traveling as a family from this post (thanks, Penny Pinchin’ Mom!):


            “Hotels with free breakfast!” – Jana K.

            “Travel at night so they sleep and don’t need to eat. Also we pack snack boxes and a cooler with drinks.” – Amy R.

            “Crock pot meals in the hotel room and eat by the pool instead of going out to dinner!!” – Gina M.

            “Look up the community on Facebook and reach out for suggestions from local parents on where to go for fun, inexpensive (or even free) activities for kids.” – Jill T.

            “Rent a house/condo from VRBO or homeway instead of hotel rooms. They are cheaper and you can cook two meals a day, which saves a bunch.” – Stephanie B.

            “Plan ahead. Spur of the moment trips always cost more.” – Kristi S.

            I pack a cooler with drinks, snacks, cold cuts and bread to save time and money for those random hunger moments that cost you an arm and a leg at the gas station convenience store.

            I research nearby restaurants to the hotel and look for coupons or promos that will save us some money on our vacation dining.


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              Places to go, things to see…

              Summer is coming! We’ve got some fun things for you to consider as you plan your time. Swing by one Friday in May to put a Pulse window sticker on your car and sign up to win cool prizes. Make time to join us and enjoy your favorite Pulse artists on stage. And check out our free community calendar to see what else is going on around town!

              IMG_1749MAY STICKER STOPS!
              Help us get the word out about the new frequency – put a Pulse 101.7FM window sticker on your car!

              Friday, May 15th from 3-5:30PM
              with Jim Manderfield @Iowa Realty

              at the corner of Valley West Drive and EP True
              Put a sticker on your car and sign up to win a $100 Scheel’s gift card!

              Friday, May 22nd from 11AM-1PM @Blue Tomato Kitchen
              at the southwest corner of 63rd and Grand
              Stop by for a sticker, a free bite to eat and sign up to win a Young & Free prize pack!

              Friday, May 29th from 11AM-1PM @BMW of Des Moines
              at the corner of 100th and Hickman in Urbandale
              Stop by for a sticker and sign up to win the use of a BMW i3 for a weekend!

              Saturday, June 6th
              Building 429, I Am They, About A Mile and more!
              Click here for details.

              OBB Live at the Pulse 101.7FM Studio
              FREE SHOW! Details TBA…

              Thursday-Saturday, July 16-18
              NEW LOCATION: Sommerset, WI just outside the Twin Cities!
              Dozens of Pulse artists, camping, food and fun
              Click here for details.

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