The Power of 20!

Twenty years of Pulse 99.5FM in central Iowa.

Submit your story over on the right -->“Pulse has been a God-send since my wife and I moved to Des Moines 4-5 months ago. Our radios are permanently fixed on you guys and we love the station! I recently heard about your guys’ finance situation and my wife and I want to help. We donated $200.00 today to the cause. Keep up all the great work you guys do! You may not believe it or see it everyday but your station and everyone there is making a large impact in Des Moines and surrounding areas. I’m proud and honored to give a little extra monetary help to keep the good news and blessings flowing. I hope our small donation will help make a large difference for you guys. Thanks again!”

- Chris / Des Moines

Submit your story over on the right -->“Tonight I was driving to a park to go hang out with some friends but for whatever reason I felt lonely. I got to the park before anyone else and I was thinking about pulling out my iPod to listen to Not Alone by Red… but you guys did it for me! I immediately started to tear up because I knew God was right there with me, as He always has been. Sometimes a little reminder is needed. I just wanted to extend my appreciation to all of you at Pulse 101.7 for what you do. I know something as simple as playing music can have a much deeper impact than anyone can imagine. Love you guys. Keep it up and God bless.”

-Jake / Des Moines

“Hey guys – I want to thank you for the radio station. I tend to enjoy music that is a little more ‘edgy.’ The blend of positive but not too soft that you guys play is awesome. Thanks again and keep it up.”

-Joe/Des Moines