Jeremy Camp – I Still Believe

375595_w185Jeremy Camp is an amazing singer and songwriter. With twenty-two #1 hit singles like” Walk By Faith”, “Let It Fade”, and “Reckless”, one would think that the man who wrote those songs would not struggle with his faith or have a life that is “messy”. But in Jeremy Camp’s new book, I Still Believe, he writes honestly about his childhood, his music career, and wrestling with God after the death of his wife, Melissa. 

Having only been married for 3 months, Jeremy became a widower at the age of 23. Shortly after Melissa’s death, Jeremy felt God telling him to “pick up his guitar.” He reluctantly did so, and within 10 minutes the song “I Still Believe” was written. The lyrics chronicle his choosing to believe God even when he found himself asking “why?”

In the book, Jeremy is very honest about his struggle with not always understanding God’s ways and the pain of grieving his wife’s death. His transparency is refreshing. It would be easy to gloss over those times of searching and desiring to trust God in the midst of great heartache, but he allows us to feel his pain and doubt and in the end, we see him come through it with a stronger relationship with God. 

The lyrics to the song “I Still Believe” really say it all:

I still believe in your faithfulness.

I still believe in your truth.

I still believe in your Holy Word.

Even when I don’t see, I still believe.

Jeremy Camp’s book, I Still Believe is published by Tyndale House Publishers and is currently available at book retailers. His new album, Reckless, was released on February 12, 2013.

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