Why Advertise with Pulse 101.7FM?

Every advertising outlet has its strengths, and here are a few of ours!

1.) We target 18-34 year old females. And research shows that we’re effectively reaching that target. While men and women of all ages listen to Pulse 101.7FM, our strength is communicating to women in this age category. She is the one responsible for almost all buying decisions in her family (and her opinion carries a lot of weight when planning date night!). We can help you connect with her!

2.) We work harder for you. While many stations sell you ad space, we can offer you a more well-rounded package… without all the extra fees! When you make an ad commitment of six months or more, we include things like website listings, on-air interviews, featured blog posts, and more… all at no additional charge!

3.) Our listeners are loyal. We get phone calls all the time from listeners looking for a particular service or product, and they want to work with one of our advertisers if they can.  They know we’re a truly local business that has been involved in the central Iowa community for almost two decades, and they trust that we promote reputable businesses that are going to take good care of them!

4.) It’s a win-win experience! When you advertise with Pulse 101.7FM, you’re promoting your business AND supporting a great mission! We have 18 years’ experience in bringing positive, spiritual music to our listeners in an accessible way, regardless of church background. There isn’t another station like us, and our listeners love us for it. Our accessible message also makes us a great outreach tool. This music is changing lives, and you get to be a part of it!

To learn more about advertising with Pulse 101.7FM and how we can benefit your business, contact us today at (515) 987-9995! 

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