Saturday, February 2nd
at 4PM at the Pulse Studios
33365 335th Street (2 Miles West of Jordan Creek Mall)
Admission is $5.  Online registration is now closed, but you may register at the door when you arrive!

Rachel Leigh’s Girls’ Night Out was the first of its kind when we kicked off our inaugural event back in 2003.  Many have copied the idea since then, but our Girls’ Night Out continues to evolve and bring you new, exciting features each year. Always the Saturday night before The Big Game, it’s a great time just for us grown-up girls!

AFTER TEN FUN YEARS, WE’RE BRINGING YOU SOMETHING NEW!  The Great Clothing Swap is your opportunity to bring that “like-new” pair of shoes you never wear, or the dress that only made it out on date night one time, and trade with others – it’s like shopping, for FREE!

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